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Hey you

Thank you for being here!

I'm Teddy, just in my mid-late-early 30s and a vegan since around 2009.

During that time I was able to experience various cuisines from all over the world and cook something up myself in one or the other catering establishment.

On this page I would like to make many of the recipes that have accumulated in the meantime available to you. I hope you will like them.

As you may have noticed, the page here is ad-free. I earn absolutely nothing from this blog. But if you like my recipes and you might want to invite me to a virtual Fairtrade coffee, here is my link . 💜

If you're not using PayPal and still want to support me, there is a Button to Buy me a coffee below.

I am absolutely grateful for suggestions and criticism, send me a message by email or one of the social media channels.

I will now gradually publish the recipes from the old site on this blog.


For me, cooking is an absolutely great way of making people happy, regardless of whether it is other people or myself. There is hardly anywhere else where I can relax as well as in the kitchen with some good music and the view of something delicious.

Hopefully you can create your own little kingdom in your kitchen and become Kings, Queens or Quings with the freedom you can experience there. Hence the name VeganXcooKing.


And now I've wasted enough time with words, after all, they rarely fill you up.

Have fun cooking at home!


Much love,

Your teddy


PS .: Yes, this is the blog of a left-wing do-gooder, so comments that contain racism, homo- & transphobia or sexism will just be deleted. I'll try to keep this site as a safe space for everyone!



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