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Sauce Hollandaise 2.0

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

I'm actually very satisfied with my sauce hollandaise recipe, precisely because it is so close to the original, but now for the asparagus season, I just wanted to try a new version that is also suitable for gratins or pizza. The "old" version is unfortunately not quite as heat-resistant, but this one shouldn't split open when heated.

Duration: 10 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Makes about 1.5 liters of sauce


250g butter alternative

500g soy "cream" for cooking

8-10g vegetable broth

30g lemon juice

15g mustard

15g salt

20g sugar

20g starch

some turmeric, paprika & nutmeg

Optional 50g white wine with which some cream can be replaced


Melt the butter alternative in a saucepan. I would recommend not to use just any margarine here, because a hollandaise sauce has a very characteristic buttery taste. Just try out a few brands, there are quite a few taste differences in taste.

Now mix the plant-based cream with the remaining ingredients in a bowl. I can only recommend a soy-based cream here, as the naturally occurring lecithin in soy helps to bind the fat and the liquid. Turmeric and papirka are only used here for coloring. The broth only gives the sauce a pleasant background note, so it is better not to use a broth that is too strong, it shouldn't overlay the lemon and butter taste.

You can then use nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste as you like.

Mix everything thoroughly and then add it to the melted "butter".

Then everything is mixed well and boiled so that the starch thickens the sauce. To make sure that no lumps form, I recommend mixing everything briefly with a hand blender at the end.

Season to taste with a bit more salt & nutmeg and your hollandaise sauce is already finished.

Then just quickly boil potatoes, prepare asparagus and maybe fry a few schnitzel ...

Then it's time to feast.

Guten Appetit

Thanks if you've read this far. You may have noticed that the blog works without advertising. On the one hand, so as not to bother you while reading and on the other hand, because I just want to show people how great vegan cuisine can be without just collecting "clicks".

If you like my recipes and still want to do something good for me, you are welcome to invite me to a virtual Fairtrade coffee via my PayPal.Me link so that I can buy ingredients for more recipes in the future. Thank you for your interest in the purely plant-based diet, that means the world to me. 💜

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