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Since the dog threw me out of bed very early today, I thought I could make pancakes for the family breakfast again.

I don't really like sweet things, but these fluffy pancakes should not be missing on the breakfast table every now and then.

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Makes about 10 pancakes, depending on the size


250 g flour

25g soy flour (to substitute 2-3 eggs)

3g salt

30g sugar

10g baking powder

50g (soy) yogurt

275g (soy) milk

some oil or butter alternative for the pan


Very easy. Simply mix all the dry ingredients together, then add the yogurt and milk. Mix with a hand mixer to a nice smooth dough and let rest for 10 minutes.

Then melt some butter alternative or oil in a pan and add the pancakes to the hot pan. Mine can fit 3-4 at a time, but of course you can also make bigger ones. Wipe the pan once after each use and then lightly grease it again. If the pan gets too hot and the pancakes darken too quickly, take them off the hot plate for a moment. The pan should have stored enough heat that you can almost completely bake the next batch of pancakes in it. Then you can heat it up again.

When the pancakes are golden brown on both sides, you can stack them on a plate.

The pancakes can then be served with fresh fruit, some "butter" or with (maple) syrup.

Guten Appetit!

Danke falls du bis hierhin gelesen hast. Vielleicht ist dir dabei aufgefallen, das der Blog If you've read this far, you might have noticed that I'm not running any adds, to improve your reading experience and because I deeply believe, that vegan recipes should be accesible to anyone.

But if you want to invite me on a virtual cup of fairtrade coffee via my PayPal.Me Link, I wouldn't say no. It would mean the world to me and helps me to keep buying ingredients for even more recipes. Thank you for cooking something vegan. 💜

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