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Oven baked tomato sauce

Today is not my day. I actually had some recipes planned for this week, but our food processor has said goodbye and I just can't do many of them so well without them. And there is currently no money for the repair either, let's hope that a cheap no-name spare part will serve its purpose as soon as it is there. ;)

Be that as it may, the desire to cook was accordingly very limited today. That's why there was just pasta with this super delicious tomato sauce that practically prepares itself. :)

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: easy

Makes: sauce for 6-8 servings of pasta


1000g (cherry) tomatoes

250g onions

Garlic cloves according to your taste (for me it was 9-10)

75g olive oil

Salt, pepper & paprika powder

1 handful of basil

100g white wine

optionally some tomato paste


As I said at the beginning, the sauce practically cooks itself. The oven is preheated directly to 180°C. The tomatoes are simply placed in a baking dish, the onions are peeled and quartered and the garlic is simply crushed and peeled off. Sprinkle a generous sip of olive oil over it and sprinkle with a generous pinch of salt. Then the vegetables are allowed to bake for half an hour. An unbelievably delicious aroma is likely to spread in the kitchen. In my opinion, baking the tomatoes makes the sauce even more aromatic and the "lots" of garlic loses much of its sharpness due to the long cooking time.

Then add a handful of basil and the white wine to the tomatoes, stir everything briefly and then the vegetables are allowed to bake for another half an hour.

If your baking dish is high enough, you can also puree the sauce directly in the dish. I misjudged a little and had to pour it into a pot beforehand. Simply puree the sauce to the desired lumpiness. Taste it with a little salt, pepper and a little paprika. You can also bind the sauce with a little tomato paste if it is too runny for you. Then you can already start boiling the water for your pasta.

You can either boil the finished sauce again or keep it warm in the oven while it is still hot until the pasta is ready. Then you just have to mix the two together.

Then all you have to do is arrange and enjoy this incredibly aromatic sauce with pasta of your choice. I recommend topping them with some vegan Parmesan or nutritional yeast and sprinkling with some freshly ground pepper.

Guten Appetit!

If you've read this far, you might have noticed that I'm not running any adds, to improve your reading experience and because I deeply believe, that vegan recipes should be accesible to anyone.

But if you want to invite me on a virtual cup of fairtrade coffee via my PayPal.Me Link, I wouldn't say no. It would mean the world to me and helps me to keep buying ingredients for even more recipes. Thank you for cooking something vegan. 💜

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