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Ma-Yu (black garlic oil)

Again a little recipe with which you can refine your ramen a little further.

The oil is almost completely black and gives such a nice color accent to many ramen dishes and tastes incredibly delicious. Somewhat nutty with light caramel notes, but without the sharpness of fresh garlic and the bitterness that otherwise comes from burnt garlic.

Duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Makes about 200ml spice oil


100g vegetable oil

50g + 10g garlic

75g sesame oil


The garlic is peeled and then 50g of it is heated in vegetable oil. As soon as it has got some color, turn the heat down a bit.

The garlic should then be fried slowly over a longer period of time until it is almost completely black. When it is very dark brown, cut the remaining 10g garlic into thin slices and add them as well. As soon as these have turned a golden brown color, the garlic is ready.

Now put the hot garlic in a heat-proof container with the sesame oil and puree the whole thing until you get a nice, smooth oil without large pieces.

You can now theoretically pass it through a sieve, depending on what kind of mixer you have used and how big your remaining garlic pieces are, that makes sense.

Then you can pour the oil into a glass and store it in the refrigerator for several months and refine your ramen with it again and again.

I didn't sift my oil and there is always a little garlic at the bottom, so give it a good stir or shake the glass so that everything is evenly distributed before you use it.

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