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Black Bean & Garlic Ramen

I have something to celebrate. After trembling for days, yesterday I got my approval for an apprenticeship in the mail.

That's why I wanted to have an extensive breakfast again today, preferably with ramen. For the broth today I used a Chinese Black Bean & Garlic Sauce, which gives the dish an incredibly tasty note.

Of course, you can top the ramen with whatever you want. ;)

Duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Makes 2-3 servings


650g broth or homemade dashi

35g Black Bean & Garlic Sauce

10g sugar

100g seitan, e.g. homemade seitan shreds

10g mirin

5g sake

20g soy sauce

5g sugar

10g orange juice (optional)

10g sesame oil

chopped garlic & ginger to taste


some spice oil, e.g. chilli oil

2-3 servings of ramen noodles

I recommend them as toppings

Roasted Pumpkin

Spring onions


Fried sugar snap peas

Fresh chilli



Like most ramen dishes, this is actually totally simple if you have already prepared most of the ingredients for it.

I just had to boil 650g of my broth, if you don't have one you can of course also use vegetable broth, this version is not authentic Japanese anyway.

Then just stir in the Black Bean & Garlic Sauce and the sugar and keep the sauce warm while the other components are prepared.

I chose pumpkin as one of the toppings because the sweetness of the pumpkin goes great with the strong flavor of the broth.

To do this, I brushed the pumpkin with a little oil and cooked it for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 ° C.

Seitan shreds in Teriyaki marinade should also be part of the toppings. For this I simply fried a few seitan shreds in a little oil, in the meantime mixed the marinade of soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, some orange juice, sesame oil and chopped garlic & ginger.

With this, the seitan is then deglazed and seared a little more. Spread a few sesame seeds on top and the seitan is ready.

Now cook the pasta quickly and prepare any other toppings (cut the spring onions, drain the corn, fry the pea pods).

Then add 1.5-2 tablespoons of tare to each of your serving bowls and pour the hot broth over it.

Then the well-drained noodles and some chili oil are added.

Now it just has to be garnished with your toppings and then enjoyed.

Guten Appetit!

If you've read this far, you might have noticed that I'm not running any adds, to improve your reading experience and because I deeply believe, that vegan recipes should be accesible to anyone.

But if you want to invite me on a virtual cup of fairtrade coffee via my PayPal.Me Link, I wouldn't say no. It would mean the world to me and helps me to keep buying ingredients for even more recipes. Thank you for cooking something vegan. 💜

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